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Are you doing enough to generate new Leads?

Generating business Leads should be commanding your attention.

Generating high-quality Leads is the biggest challenge reported by B2B marketers in a 2011 study conducted by “Marketing Sherpa.” This challenge was cited by 80% of respondents. The second-highest challenge was for generating a high volume of Leads, cited by 62%.

A Lead is someone who is asking a question: “What do you do that could help me solve a problem?”

You want Leads because they represent the first step in the process of winning a sale.  Engage the questioner while answering his need for information and drawing him into a relationship.

Without a consistent drumbeat of Leads, it is much tougher to achieve your business goals of closing more sales.

Marketing Tools that focus on generating and qualifying Leads include:

  • Case Studies
    For many years case studies have been the favorite marketing instrument of sales personnel because their story-telling format provides a credible success story of a third party (your customer.)  If your product or service enabled this customer to meet its business challenge, the reader can envision how you could help him with a similar challenge.  These short 1-2 page stories generate strong pass-along readership and can be distributed in many ways in your marketing plan.
  • White Papers
    These are persuasive essays (not slick sales pitches) that use facts and logic to promote a B2B product, service, technology or methodology. The potential customer is researching technical features and benefits of a particular product or service. She may be researching some issue, or new/improved solutions for a serious business or technical problem. The white paper may help her know what questions to ask, or what features or benefits to ask about.  A typical white paper is 6-10 pages.
  • Newsletters
    Newsletters build an ongoing relationship between the reader and your company.  They may be issued on a regular schedule and contain short informative articles or news blurbs relevant to a subject, industry or company.  Articles may be original content or reprinted from another source.  Newsletters are usually 2-4 pages and may be distributed in hardcopy or electronically.
  • Website Content
    Pre-purchase research is increasingly done on the Internet.  Your web copy must be compelling for the researchers to consider engaging with your company.  Websites that rank high on search engines will attract the attention of the prospective buyer and begin to lead him to more detailed information and further into the sales process.

Please keep reading or go to the “Contact Me” tab to discuss creating a crescendo in your lead-generation efforts.

Harmonize Your Marketing Materials

Are all of your Marketing Elements compelling and humming the same tune?

You should be using several marketing instruments. Each instrument plays a different note. Taken together, do they make a bright and beautiful chord?

Do they encourage Leads to get more involved with your company, prepared to entertain a sales proposal, and ultimately close a sale?

Are there gaps in your list of marketing instruments? You may need compelling sales letters, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, direct mail, product data sheets, website content, sales proposal templates, or telemarketing scripts, to name a few.

Are there any “clinkers” in your instruments – elements that do not effectively move you toward closing a sale? They may need a tune-up.

Please go to the “Contact Me” tab to discuss obtaining a tune-up for your marketing instruments.

Building the Tempo of Your Sales

Are you able to build the tempo of your sales?

Would you like to focus more of your time and effort on building relationships with Qualified Leads and closing sales deals with them? You can do this by hiring a professional copywriter to write the marketing pieces that you will need to trumpet what your company has to offer. You won’t have to fiddle around with designing and writing them yourself.

Does hiring the right copywriter seem like a daunting task? After all, it is the key ingredient to letting you do your best in closing more sales. It boils down to three important basics.

1. You should work with a dedicated marketing professional. My company name is “Spence Marketing” because I have 40 years experience in marketing – to consumers, to other businesses, with non-profits.

2. Your marketing professional copywriter should have experience with a range of companies and industries. I have worked in Fortune 500 companies and I have worked with mid-size and smaller companies. As for industries, I have broad and deep involvement in:

  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Health care/alternative health care
  • Cosmetic lasers
  • Consulting
  • Marketing/Information Services
  • Management recruiting
  • Performing arts

3. As a result of this experience, your marketing professional copywriter will understand how to tune in on a variety of audiences in different industries and can apply that depth of experience to make sure your message sings!

If you want additional information on my experience, please visit my Bio.

See My Bio

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