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FAQ - Spence Marketing


Thank you for your interest in my professional B2B copywriting services.  Here you will find answers to questions that I hear frequently.  I invite you to contact me if you have additional questions or if you would like to discuss a specific project.

+What can I expect from working with you?


My goal is to help you increase your generation of Leads and ultimately turn these prospects into lifelong clients for you. I will work closely with you (and your team), using information that you supply about your project, coupled with my research and experience. I will ask questions, as necessary. I will respect your deadlines at all times.

+What copywriting services do you offer?


I specialize in lead-generation because, as quantified by a 2011 “Marketing Sherpa” study, generating high-quality leads is the top marketing challenge reported by 80% of respondents.  In addition, generating a high volume of leads was cited by 62% of respondents.  Lead-generation projects involve case studies, newsletters, white papers, website content, press releases, articles, and direct mail.

+What are your favorite assignments?


My personal favorites are case studies and newsletters. Case studies are short memorable testimonials that frequently get passed along to other potential prospects. I love their story-telling tone. As for newsletters, I like the content flexibility they offer and how they begin the process of building a relationship with a prospect with each succeeding issue. Both of these elements can be disseminated widely at little expense to my client.

+How long will it take you to write my copy?


The answer depends on the definition and scope of your project. Generally, it will take 1-2 weeks from the official authorization. If the project is complex, requires research, requires interviews, or comes when I am in the midst of another assignment , a little more time may be required.

I understand that sometimes you may not have this much time. If you have an immediate need, make sure to contact me anyway. Once I have a good idea of what you need, I can tell you if I can meet the deadline.

+Why should I choose Spence Marketing to do my copywriting project?


I have been a professional marketer for 40 years. My experience is in B2B, B2C, and with non-profits. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies and small companies, in varied industries: consumer packaged goods, health care/alternative health care, marketing services/information services, cosmetic lasers, consulting, and non-profits. As a result of this hands-on experience, I understand how to connect with a variety of audiences, which ensures that I can “make your message sing.”

In recent years, I have been affiliated with American Artists & Writers, Inc., coupling my 40 years of hands-on marketing experience with targeted training in the craft of professional copywriting, learning from the best and brightest. AWAI is the world’s foremost resource for training and coaching professional copywriters in their craft. I have taken numerous AWAI courses, attended their annual “Boot Camp,” and am a member of their premier “Circle of Success.” I am a member of the Professional Writers Alliance.

+What are your fees?


I charge a fixed fee per project, taking into account your needs and specifications, what messaging we may have from existing materials to work with, what research may be required, and your timing.  Having a fixed fee allows you to know exactly what you will pay for my services.

All quotations include initial project consultation, research, interviews, up to 2 meetings (usually by phone), all copywriting, and up to 2 rounds of revisions (within 30 days of delivery of your project.)  If the scope of the project changes from the agreed project, I reserve the right to amend the price quotation.  If there are any required out-of-pocket expenses, out-of-area travel, expedited delivery fees, you will be billed separately. Please contact me to obtain a price quote tailored to your project.

+What about payment terms?


I require 50% to begin the project.  The remaining 50% is billed upon project completion and is due within 30 days. Preferred form of payment is a check. PayPal is also accepted.

+Who owns the copy once you write it?


Once you complete payment for a project, you own the rights to the copy and you may use it at your discretion. I reserve the right to use your finished project sample in hard copy and electronic form in my portfolio.

+You are there in Williamsburg, Virginia and I am out here in Iowa. How will we work together?


I am available online, by email, on the phone. We have quick and easy connections from almost anywhere on earth.

+How do you begin working with clients on a new project? What information do you need to get started?


First, please fill out the short form on my contact page. This will provide me some initial background on your company and current or future B2B copywriting needs. With this information, I’ll contact you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements in greater detail.  Once we determine that I can help you with your project, I’ll email you my Project Brief form. This gives you the opportunity to provide me more in-depth information about your project and background material such as brochures, web content, data sheets, case studies, white papers, and market research.

We will review the Project Brief to make sure there aren’t any additional questions. From this, I will prepare and email a Project Quotation to you. Once we have reviewed this document and agreed on the project price, you will sign the Project Quotation and I will send an invoice for the 50% deposit. At this point, work on your project can commence.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a project, or if you have any additional questions.

Contact Me

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